makes housing more
affordable, sustainable,
effective, and beautiful.

makes housing
more affordable, sustainable,
effective, and beautiful.

houm Construction Detail
houm Construction Detail

Our home designs rethink the manner and means of housing, so as to offer our homeowners a more supportive environment and establish a healthy relationship between their life and the world around them.

Our construction approaches marry the promise of robotics, digital fabrication and industrial manufacturing to realize a smarter process and a product that is more sensible, better crafted and more beautiful than anything currently on the market.

houm Line Drawing Detail houm Wood Construction Detail
houm Wood Construction Detail

how is houm different?

1. We are more efficient.

The resources currently used in housing construction are poorly allocated, the materials specified are often cheap and, at times, toxic, and the methods deployed, inefficient.

To address this, HOUM has redesigned the entire housing delivery process in order to realize greater efficiencies and save our homeowners significant time and money.

2. We are more effective.

Current housing must be made livable through the continual infusion of non-renewable resources, at a rate that is not affordable for most people and not sustainable for our planet.

HOUM addresses this by investing some of the time and money saved through the creation of a more efficient process to embed the most effective and sustainable materials and technologies in all of our homes, without increasing the initial cost.

3. We are more sustainable.

Current housing is not sustainable, consuming unnecessary resources to not only construct, but maintain. This creates homes that are too expensive for most people and have a sharply limited useful lifetime.

At HOUM, sustainability is not only an environmental imperative, but one that includes financial, social and cultural concerns as well. We view these considerations as non-negotiable, a standard of practice that is as foundational as concerns of gravity or finance.

The work that results consumes measurably fewer resources to realize and maintain. It will also retain its utility for a much longer period of time.

houm Assembly Construction Detail houm Project Rendering houm Project Rendering houm Line Drawing
houm Wood Construction Detail
houm Handrail Detail

what is houm
doing now?

HOUM is currently constructing two homes based upon our unique approach, with the expectation that both homes will be complete before the end of the year.

Although we currently do not have quantifiable data on either home, current estimates indicate that we will be able to construct both homes for between $130 and $150/SF, which is a savings of between 35% and 45% on current averages in Detroit.

This financial savings is matched by similar savings in time and environmental footprint. More importantly, all of these benefits will only increase over time, as we refine our techniques and realize multiple and larger works.

Follow @our_houm on Instagram to track the progress of our current projects.

houm Project Rendering houm Wood Construction Detail